Our Color Grading is not just supervised vs unsupervised. We get involved early and work with the director and cinematographer to find the soul of the project. We love having the DP around during sessions and we are an open book when it comes to our workflow. Come and feel truly at home!

MUSIC VIDEO Production

As one of the top music video production companies in Chicago, we work effortlessly to keep the standards of our music video productions high. We love to understand what our music artists’ brand and image are before we start their music video production.  We’ve created music videos that have went viral with little to no marketing budgets purely from the concept and visuals that intrigue viewers.

We understand that finding a music video company or a music videographer requires some time and research and we are here to assist all of our clients along the way to make the whole process easier and faster, and move on to the more fun stuff: THE CREATIVE WORK!

Our music video production services range from concept and treatment development, to pre-production, casting, crewing, location management, production design, set building, hair, makeup, wardrobe, directing, and finally post-production. In addition to working with local music artists, we are always thrilled to work with international artists from all around the world on their Chicago music video production. We also love to collaborate with other music video companies and Chicago music video directors.

We hope that our colorful and stylized work intrigues you and you choose us as your music video production company.



Drone videography has become the hottest trend in event marketing since the inception of social media. Drones are the best way to stand (or fly) above the crowd and generate a buzz (two drone puns in one sentence!). Utilizing drone footage before, during, and after an event can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

From indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones can be used for advertising and entertainment purposes for just about any event you host!

We use professional quality drones for all our photo and video shoots. We can go where you need us when you need us. We photograph and videograph land sites, subdivisions, homes, estates and grounds, surveillance, government facilities, buildings, events, water towers, shopping malls and strip malls, apartment complexes, utilities, industrial building sites and grounds, commercial properties and more. 

fashion video in Chicago

fashion chicago

Finding the best lighting for your fashion videos can be a challenging task. Maybe your shot isn’t bright enough. Or it’s too bright. Sometimes the color temperature isn’t right, or the shadows are so harsh that you can barely decipher what is what.

You want your prospects and customers to really absorb what you have to say.

Knowing how to get good lighting for videos will keep your content looking sharp and professional. And you don’t need all the fancy lighting equipment you’ll see in a professional shoot.

The choice for shooting hard vs soft light is quite an easy one for many people. But if you don’t understand what the difference is, what difference it makes to your subject, or how to create it, soft light can be a bit of a mystery. Soft light is fantastic for portraits, though. It’s particularly flattering, especially to ladies, and isn’t that difficult to understand. Soft light is defined lit areas that transition into shadow very gradually. It wraps around your subject to provide a more pleasing look. It helps to fill in the dark lines around wrinkles, and generally creates a more “friendly” look to your subject.

fashion chicago

website video in Chicago

Should I use video on my website?
Videos keep people on your website longer and engage them with your content. People work with people, and video helps people get to know, like and trust you. Videos keep your audience interested, no matter your product or service. Videos are fast and convenient. Video production in Chicago.

video chicago


Video for Business

Visual content, like video, provides a much more compelling experience than written content. Instead of writing about your products and services, show customers how they work in action through product demos.  Video can also help you ‘humanize’ your business if you provide consumers with a relatable story.

Why corporate video?


It should be obvious since acquiring YouTube in 2006 that Google loves video. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe taking a peek at search results will. Google now incorporates more than just links into their search results – they incorporate video results as well. Imagine, for example, if a business that sold tires ranked as the #3 or #4 result for how to change a tire with a helpful video.

All the business would have to do to capitalize on this spot is make sure that the link to their website is on the video itself and beneath the video in the description. Someone might watch the video, realize they could do this themselves, and then order a new set of tires from the business. Learn more about how videos on YouTube and your own website can help with search rankings.


What’s the best part about corporate video production? If you’re not a fan of writing content, then creating videos for your business could be a great alternative. Once you get the hang of it, videos could become an essential part of your overall online marketing strategy.