Finding the best lighting for your fashion videos can be a challenging task. Maybe your shot isn’t bright enough. Or it’s too bright. Sometimes the color temperature isn’t right, or the shadows are so harsh that you can barely decipher what is what.

You want your prospects and customers to really absorb what you have to say.

Knowing how to get good lighting for videos will keep your content looking sharp and professional. And you don’t need all the fancy lighting equipment you’ll see in a professional shoot.

The choice for shooting hard vs soft light is quite an easy one for many people. But if you don’t understand what the difference is, what difference it makes to your subject, or how to create it, soft light can be a bit of a mystery. Soft light is fantastic for portraits, though. It’s particularly flattering, especially to ladies, and isn’t that difficult to understand. Soft light is defined lit areas that transition into shadow very gradually. It wraps around your subject to provide a more pleasing look. It helps to fill in the dark lines around wrinkles, and generally creates a more “friendly” look to your subject.

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