Michał Jaworski

Michal Jaworski – Founder.

Michal Jaworski has over 20 years of professional experience in the film and television industry.

The Award – winning Producer, Director and Cinematographer Michal Jaworski was born in Poland and educated in Germany. After graduating  the Academy he worked in different countries across Europe as a TV producer, TV director, cameraman, video editor, and web/graphic designer, until he founded his own business, Variete Productions. His talent and creative vision, have created a stinctive signature for his work.
Michal has produced pieces in a number of different formats for a variety of industries, from full – length films for broadcast and the web, to short form videos for individuals, music videos, non – profits and corporate clients.Within our modern-day global marketplace, businesses need every advantage to effectively promote their product, service and message.

Variete Productions is a Chicago-based production house that makes Branded Content, Commercials & Music Videos. Our team includes award-winning directors, producers, and creatives from USA and across Europe. We offer clients a one-stop shop to deliver visually stunning and emotionally engaging media that capture the essence of your brand and captivate audiences.

Our expertise in video production enables us to create captivating videos that drive meaningful connections by aligning our creativity with your goals. Whether it’s crafting compelling training videos, dynamic promotional content, or engaging music video, we have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

We’re renowned for telling attention-grabbing stories, that’s what sets us apart from other corporate video production companies. We use the latest innovations in production tools and techniques to create high-quality  commercials, brand videos, explainer videos right through to slick animations that engage audiences.

Variete Productions mission has stayed true for since 2005, helping companies like yours to build your brand with one pixel at a time. Let us help your business achieve the competitive edge.