76% of marketers say that animated marketing videos increase profitability.

When used appropriately, animation can be one of the most effective forms of marketing communication. Animated videos are able to convey complex messages in a simple and cost-effective way, express more abstract ideas, be styled fully in line with your brand assets, be altered at any time during the production process and make the ‘impossible’ possible. This article will show how animation can lift up your marketing communication and convince you on why your next video should be animated.

Benefits Of Animation In Video
The versatile character of animation provides businesses with a huge canvas to express their brand on. If you’re a medical institution you can use animation to embrace a clean, professional and traditional look within your video. If you are an educational institution you can use a bright, cartoony and friendly animation style. Moreover, animated elements can personalise generic (stock) footage, aligning it with your brand image or modernise old footage, allowing it to be reused.

Self-evidently, animation is not suitable for every single concept or brand. At the end of the day, your choice between animation and live-action or the style of your animation depends on your brand image, your target audience, the message that you want to convey and the purpose of your video content.